How to book a hotel room

After choosing a hotel that matches your needs, it is time to take a look at your flight itinerary and double-check the arrival and departure dates and time. Booking directly through a hotel’s website is advised to get the best possible room, but it is not a bad idea to call the hotel to get a good rate and find out about other rules and services that people usually neglect like smoking policies in the rooms, and the room service. When this is done, you are ready to pay for your hotel room.

Steps to ordering for a hotel room

When you call or book online, check availability first and then request for a room and number of days you want to stay. Make special requests like king sized bed, non-smoking rooms, water views, and balcony as most hotels would normally accommodate that.

Paying with a credit card is smart, and not everyone knows this. Credit cards offer rewards and guarantees like airline miles, free night stays, cash-back bonuses, fraud protection and immediate refunds for overcharges. Debit cards do not offer the same facilities. Comparing the rates on a hotel website and booking site with the rates in travel brochures and expedia is also smart. Hotel rates sometimes depend on factors like location, seasonality, rush and weather. Other things to check before making any payments are discount offers, extra fees and refund rates.

Once all the information, including the special requests, as well as the arrival and departure dates are taken care of, the guest will be provided with a confirmation number for check in and references. Upon arrival, if any of the special requests is not met, you have a right to speak to the front-desk and ask for a change or refund.

Booking a hotel is not as simple as it looks, so choosing your dates and booking early enough without procrastination will help you avoid any issues, especially when planning on a budget. Booking at least 30- 40 days before the arrival date is recommended.