Hotel facilities and trends

Hotels focus on giving guests a smoother and smarter experience as they strive to beat the Airbnb’s popularity. Hotel chains are launching cheaper brands for the youths, as millennial travelers, they have become a target market.

Smart infrastructure

Advancements in technology should not be underestimated. As infrastructures like wifi have become a necessity rather than an option. One might say that hotel guests are asking for too much, but hotels are always willing to provide these facilities to be at their best. For gadget users, wifi is not a perk, it is essential, especially if guests are on business trips. They want to be able to have conference meetings and connect their technological devices to the Internet with ease. Hotels have moved away from the past when they would charge a guest who wanted to use wifi. The Li-Fi, a 5G technology which is also on its way would be transmitted through lights, and personalised tablets will be put in rooms for controlling everything therein.

No need to stand in long queues to check in at a hotel’s front desk, with NFC and the concierge in your pocket, everything has been made easy. Infrared scanners are to replace the “do not disturb” signs and key locks are being upgraded to fingerprint powered room keys and retina scanning keys.

Wellness infrastructure

Wellness is taking a whole new turn and health conscious travelers are taking that very seriously. However, hotels are taking it even more seriously by introducing the wellness room. Wellness doesn’t only end in the spa and gym, hotels have brought it from the future straight to the hotel rooms. Yoga and lavish spa experiences, a cognitive and emotional coach, those are the new levels in mindfulness, but the wellness room is much more than that. The idea is to make the hotel room a personal fitness studio. They are equipped with a dawn simulator and energising lighting and even better, a wellness app that can be downloaded and be used for cardio and meditation sessions right inside the hotel rooms.