Green Hotels

In harmony with nature and in conjunction with ethnographic tourism, Eco-friendly hotels are helping to clean the world and protect the planet. They are fully built using recycled materials and are located in protected natural areas. An Eco hotel may be a hut or a house with special requirements that have been fitted into the hotel building during construction; and certain properties in Europe have been implanted with an energy management system. They depend on the natural environment and stand for these things;

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Environmental conservation
  • Environmental training programs

In eco friendly hotels, housekeeping is done with nontoxic cleaning agents, towels and mattresses are made from 100% organic sheets. Renewable energy sources are used and travellers are embracing the trend. It is in Eco friendly hotels you find chefs cultivating their own gardens, and guests are presented with local foods, games and extreme recreation. They are to hunt their own food themselves in the jungle where the hotel is situated during these recreations, just like in reality shows.

From the top, the roofs of these hotels are LEED certified, and all the way to the floor you step on, it says green! Guests receive training in sustainability like in the installation of a five-minute hourglass in the shower that is meant to remind them of water consumption, to recognise species of plants and animals in the locality, and to help them understand that going green doesn’t mean giving up comfort. It simply means appreciating ecological values, the war against carbon emission, and sound environmental practices, as we are all accountable for the earth. The green room is currently an exclusive room made for only actors and actresses in big hotels.

Eco-Friendly hotels

  • Hotel Topazz, Vienna
  • Coco-Mat Eco Residences, Serifos
  • Proximity Hotel, Greensboro N.C
  • Hotel Zoo, Berlin
  • Bio Hotels
  • Vigilius Mountain, Italy
  • Hi Hotel, Nice France